Interview with EM Riccia!

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I had the pleasure of getting an interview with EM Riccia of Hokuto and Yamato shards! You can read all their responses below!

1.    What made you decide to start EMing?

Started in 2012

2.    What is your favorite part about EMing?

I can interact with many players

3.    What is your favorite memory thus far of EMing?

The players held events for us.

4.    What is your most memorable moment playing UO?

I got a rare item at IDOC.but item house collapsed and I lost everything.

5.    What is your favorite thing to do in UO?

house customization

6.    Is there a specific event that you've done that is your favorite? What is it?

I like everything

7.    Was a drop you made that you favorite most out of all of them thus far? What is it?


8.    Is there a specific story that comes to mind about UO that has stuck with you to date?

I can't choose because there are so many

9.    Do you have any words of wisdom for the players out there? New and Old?

Although the graphics are old, the degree of freedom is comparable to other games.

10. Is there anything else you'd like to add to the players out there?


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