Community Manager Fenneko is now on Twitch! (Schedules and Previous Streams)

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Community Manager Fenneko is now on Twitch at: !

Fenneko Twitch Schedule:
04/27/2024 10:00pm EDT - Baja EM Event - Video

Previous Streams:
11/28/2023 09:00pm EST - Great Lakes EM Event - Video
11/30/2023 09:00pm EST - Atlantic EM Event - Video
12/16/2023 08:00pm EST - Catskills EM Event - Video
12/19/2023 08:00pm EST - Legends EM Event - Video

01/17/2024 10:00pm EST - Origin EM Event - Video
01/27/2024 03:30pm EST - Europa EM Event - Video
02/22/2024 10:00pm EST - Pacific EM Event - Video
02/27/2024 02:30pm EST - Drachenfels EM Event - Video
03/22/2024 10:00pm EDT - Napa Valley EM Event - Video
03/26/2024 10:00pm EDT - Lake Superior EM Event - Video
04/04/2024 09:00pm EDT - Lake Austin EM Event - Video

(Please keep all questions for Fenneko to twitch chat so as not to disrupt the EM event!) 
Special shout out to the wonderful EMs! It's an honor to be with them!
Previous streams can be seen on the Official UO YouTube Channel ( within 24 hours after the stream.

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