Interview with EM Sarah!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing EM Sarah from Europa! You can read all the interesting answers below!

1. I wanted to be an EM to do funny events for the community and try to make PvP events too, even if Felucca is not an easy place to deal with. I always tried my best to do often events on that scary land and let a lot of adrenaline flow for everyone.

2. My favourite part about EMing is for sure the good feedback and the positive reviews I get from many players during the years, during our chats at EM Hall. Making people happy and enjoying the game is my primary objective.

3. Every event I do is a special memory for me, there is not one in particular. If I have to choose among so many years of events, I would maybe pick the Bagball PvP tournaments, which were amazing and with many people. Really special and funny events.

4.This is a very hard question...being an old Pker (I am getting old! I have been Pking since 1997!!!), a memorable moment was fighting 12 Minax inside the SL base with only me and other two necros. Well I can say that being 3 necros in wraith form in that area helps A LOT...we killed 12 players being outnumbered like that. It was an epic battle.

5. My favourite thing to do in UO? For sure, as a player, is to PvP in dungeons which I am a real master (it's a pity we don't have so many fights there anymore) and I would add to try to bring more people into PvPing (and to the game in general), trying to help them, teaching them how to pvp and how to improve in this aspect of the game.

6. Between all the story arcs and the events...I would say I am really attached to the Golden Man story and his passion for Greed. The players really loved the character and the story arc, they were beautiful and very funny months. Who does not love Gold?

7. This is a nice question and very difficult...but among all the drops, I would say the suit of the Golden Man or the Mad King one, they are both very nice, in my opinion, and I love those characters too.

8. Well I could tell you a secret...that only a couple players know...when there was the bounty system... one very scary murderer was on top of the list ( Archmage SUN). Me and my two friends adventured (we were all on foot...nobody had horses) in Deceit, first level... and in the darkness of the dungeon...there he is!!! ARCHMAGE SUN with another red mage... I casted at once an energy bolt and Archmage SUN ( his bounty was so high at the time, I had to kill him)... and he had magic reflection on...I can say that I got destroyed by both the mages ( I was playing with two noob dexers). Result? we all died 2vs3, it was embarassing. I didn't get that nice bounty, it's a big regret I have since 24 years har har.

9. My word of wisdom is to enjoy the game and try to bring your friends back to play UO. The content of our beautiful and loved UO is so deep and everyone can start loving this reality. We may not have a new crazy graphic but we have a true heart and content and this is worth more than anything else.

10. I hope you will have amazing holidays this Xmas and I am waiting for you on Europa to enjoy the Madness of your old EM Sarah.

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