UO Roadmap

I see why its very easy to quit UO just based on the costs and almost impossible to justify the cost of starting an account. Most players are just in the habit of paying it like a gym membership but I think the current roadmap is likely to bring that into sharp focus. 

Within two weeks of launch, the game sold more than 12 million copies and generated $850 million in global sales revenue. As of 5 May 2023, it grossed $1 billion, and 15 million copies were sold globally. The game - Hogwarts Legacy cost to own in the UK £49.99. 

Ultima Online. Sales unknown, subscribers unknown, revenue unknown. In development New Legacy a season based server with a unique ruleset. Maintenance servers currently in production - housing, fixed schedule of treasure events, repeatable content and player v player.  As of 17th of December no release date on NL. Cost in the UK to play for 1 year £144.88. 

Anyone think this model has any likelihood of working as a going concern?

If the majority of the dev time goes into NL and you don't play NL are you going to want a £120 a year recurring charge? 


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