Rubberbanding and lag with wall of stone and energyfield

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Affects EC and CC.

  1. Cast 3rd circle wall of stone, or 7th circle energyfield.
  2. Try to walk through either the wall or field. 
  3. Observe bouncing/rubber banding, resync lag, and continuous attempt to walk through wall/field.
Expected behavior:

No rubber banding/lag, and at least EC should just walk around the wall or field.

Best guess at root cause:

Logic bug related to objectType 130 (wall) and energy field (~14662).  EC utility confirms these items have the impassable flag set, so the client code could be stripping the impassable flag, instead of always adding it (for these objects).


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    When in felucca, it comes down to this, I think: "objectType 130 (wall) and energy field (~14662).... client code .. stripping the impassable flag..."  (client side issue).

    Oddly, in trammel, you can rubber band yourself with wall of stone and energy field.  Even though others can walk through.  (was the intent ever to allow yourself to walk through your own wall/field?)   (server side issue).

    Pets will also get hung up on fields in trammel, though "all come" helps.

    The issue of rubber banding on inaccessible houses could be a different fix.
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    To clarify before I lock this nonesense. At no point do the developers advise use an unofficial client to avoid something that is working as intended, that is merely the interpretation put on it by a certain well known player.
    It IS intended that if you run into a brick wall you bounce off it. Please feel free to try this experiment in the real world.
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