Messana, You are going to deal with these cheats BEFORE the event ends yes?

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These auto run target kill script running warriors cheating their way through this event need to be dealt with NOW

How are you even allowing this?

AUTO FOLLOW at breakneck speed, sometimes with several players in tow. How can I play auto target when multi clienting?


Check out Europa RIGHT NOW

running in straight lines till they hit the coast, an obstruction, diverting to the nearest target, regardless if a player is there or not

No courtesy at all, why? AFK CHEATING Mesanna

So when are you going to announce that you are dealing with it and stopping it?

How about an announcement before you leave for the weekend, time is running out, event ends soon. When do we get to enjoy this event?

Dont worry Mariah, I will email her as well

No excuse, and they ARE cheating


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