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Hey folks,
I am recently toying with the BOD system after some time away and I was curious to what people are doing with the banking points part of it. It seems like such a small fraction of the BOD points you get to bank. Is this a viable method to get to some of the higher end rewards that require much more rare BODs and ingredients? Is it a slow and steady wins the race method for dumping low end BODs that give rewards you aren't interested in?
Thanks for any input or opinions on this!


  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,705
    It is a slow and steady method.  It is annoying that banked points do not stack with unbanked points.
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 1,946
    Total waste of time/resources.  Use the bribe system to get what you want.
  • Thanks for the comments and two differing opinions. When bribing I am assuming only certain BODs are worth the bribe and you need to know what the outcome would be to know if it is worth the bribe?
  • dvviddvvid Posts: 849
    edited January 2022
    Basically what I do is figure out what items I deem worth trying to get then I bribe up BODs to get their point value to match or exceed the points needed to get whatever item I’m trying to get. I use the point tables on the UO wiki. For example

    I used to do any BOD I got no matter how many points but found that I was mainly wasting my time and materials. 
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,705
    Some bods are next to useless because they can not be bribed to exceptional.  For example the tinker bod for hinges.  I fill it without bribing then turn it in to get another bod. Hopefully one that will bribe to non-iron exceptional like a spoon bod. 
  • Thanks Tim and dvvid for the responses. That helps clarify it a bit better and I will check out the points link. I had a couple deeds that couldn't bribe up and wasn't sure why, but I think it might have been because of what Tim was saying.
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,982
    The only time I ever banked points was after I came back from hiatus and they introduced tinker/carpentry/alchemy/etc BODs and I didn't have enough BODs to really get going and I wanted high end things like the powder of fort keg. 

    Now that I've built up a little collection of random ones (it would be much bigger if I had more storage / the BOD books worked like PS books) I only do them when I'm looking to get something in particular. The unfortunate thing, at least in my opinion, is that an overwhelming amount of top tier BOD rewards just aren't really that great anymore so there isn't any reason you need a max point LBOD (ie 20exc Val Plate). Typically I can get what I need with an exceptional small BOD bribed all the way up.
  • Thanks keven, that's really helpful. Is that because drops are now better or have the potential to be better? I am guessing the answer is more complicated than that however.
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,982
    In a nutshell yes. The highest levels of many trades are the runic tools which aren't very useful anymore. We are able to reforge and imbue weapons to exact specification (with max values) which trumps using a valorite hammer to hope for a good combo or properties with all max values. Legendary armor is pretty easy to come by these days and that is far beyond anything a runic tool could create.

    The lower end runics like copper hammers / horned kits / ash fletchers tool are more useful because they allow you to reforge 1 or 2 properties which helps with ensuring only useful properties go on your weapons. That's why I fill BODs, there is always need of 100% element damage weapons. You can also obtain high end resource maps which have their use. Again this is at best a mid-level turn in for most resources. We are talking 20Exc Val SBOD or a low end LBOD. None of which would require you to bank points.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,624
    I have multiple accounts, so I am usually trying to work up skills on my BOD chars.
    (because of events back to back this past summer & fall, I haven't gotten around to that much)

    And when I skill up the charactes, I like to fill BODs as I go.
    If it doesn't go into a Large BOD, I turn it in & get another.
    You can eventually get something that you need.

    Cooking BODs I actually banked enough points this summer that I got 6 or 7 fermentation barrels, about a dozen natural dyes & around 20 of the master chefs aprons... And I didn't even max out that character.

    I sometimes also work up the skill & then send a soulstone with the skill to other shard
    (lot easier to work the skill on home shard, than on a shard where you can't get anything)
  • Thanks again for the additional input Keven. I see what you are saying as I have already done some reforging with the copper hammers.

    Also, thanks Cinderella, I started collecting cooking bods and raising cooking. Kinda useless but I like deco stuff and doing things other than gear grinds at times.
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