Returning to Catskills after 13+ years!

Hello all!

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend I used to play UO with and it got me a little nostalgic. Found old screenshots and did a quick google search to see what had ever happened to the game. Finding out that not only is UO still going strong and releasing expansions, but giving us veteran players (and newbies) a chance to come play for free with Endless Journey. I played for 2 days before going all in, buying the expansions, and subscribing!

I played back in 2000 to probably 2004. A few of my characters were with the Flying Pickles guild (..yeah.. i know lol). My mage/tamer Firebug, my crafter Feather, and my alchemist Moonshine were my usual characters. I've got a plot just north of dungeon Wrong (Trammel) if anybody feels like stopping by to say hi!

First question.. where does everybody hang out these days? I've found sooo many of my recall runes are dead and/or the shops are gone. Only seen a few odd souls at Brit bank. More at Luna bank. 

Second question.. where have all the shops that are actually selling things gone? So many I've seen are only using vendors as storage. Even Luna is a bit bare for vendor goods.

It's good to be back again! See you in game.


(I posted on Stratics as well.  Is a seemingly almost dead Catskills worth staying on? How will we get the population back if everyone transfers to Atlantic?)


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