Looking for my Soulstones (lost few years ago...)

SplupSplup Posts: 7

Been a few years since the last time I have logged in, and was wondering if I'd be so lucky that someone would have looted my Soulstones from my IDOC back in those days.

If you happen to have Soulstones with any of the following names:
Felisin Paran
Adele Wolfheart
Elmak Averon

I would be extremely pleased to have them back.

I can pay you some sort of finders fee also if needed.

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards,


  • BubblegumBubblegum Posts: 41

    Most shards, have a Soulstone graveyard so to speak, but because of the value of the turn-in % most people will just trash it  for the points. and being several years old, I hardly doubt you'll fine then.

    That being said though; I had several chest of recovered Soulstones that I picked up from IDOCs, and I have re-united some past owners with their soulstones. but most of them I keep for up to 6 months before I trash them it's so easy nowanddays to get new ones and with the help of powerscrolls and blue scrolls, to get GM or even legendary again.


  • InLorInLor Posts: 412
    Just enjoy training your chars. :)
    A qua lemmúr wíste, an zen anku vol verde wís.
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