Holiday Love Story Fiction 12-16

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Carrine stood at the edge of the forest watching as her sisters ventured out to hunt. Clutching the wooden ring to her chest she moved back towards their camp. Carrine was dying. Who knew that a succubus could fall in love? That she could have her heart broken to the point that it might as well have been cut out and placed into the same box that holds her one true love’s.  Tywinn was a great wizard. He had found a way, a spell cast over a wooden ring that blocked her ability to feed from his soul when they were intimate. Carrine never felt the burning hunger for more after they had spent a night together, never felt the unrelenting hunger and need to feed again. Tywinn said she had felt satisfied, whatever that meant. Carrine and Tywinn spent nights and days on end together until Tywinn had asked her to leave the forest and to live with him and make a home together.

Carrine relived the night that she had returned to the forest to pack up her belongings. As she picked out her favorite dresses and only a few pieces of modest jewelry from the countless gifts from past victims, Carrine made the fatal mistake of telling her closest sister about the love that she had found and that it was a ring that made it all possible. Mesalina was so jealous that she and another sister attacked Carrine and tied her up, keeping her until Tywinn arrived to check on her.

Mesalina demanded that Tywinn make rings for each of the sisters so that they might go out and find love of their own and be able to also have a real home and family. Tywinn, with a heavy heart tried to explain that it was not possible for him to make rings for the others, that only their own loves could work the magic needed. In a fit of rage and disbelief, fueled by jealousy the sisters killed Tywinn, cutting the heart from his chest and binding his soul to an endless lost existence by sealing it with a succubus kiss inside a magic box, used only for their worst enemies.

Carrine’s fate was sealed that day, bound and gagged she did not have the chance to explain to her sisters that Tywinn had used his magic and bound their souls together and sealed it into the ring to make their love possible. Unable to hunt and bring herself to approach another man, Carrine wandered the forest knowing that her loves lost soul was doomed to wander it with her.

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