Krampus Reward Titles

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Is it just me or do Krampus titles drop more than anything else?

It's nothing new as I seem to remember getting loads of titles in the past too but I'm wondering if it's just me or if others have noticed the same thing for them. I'd say that I get at least 3-4 titles a day out of around 10 runs compared to everything else; there are many things like dirty snowballs that I haven't gotten at all this year compared to the 10 titles I've gotten (I've also trashed / dropped a few). 

I wish the Devs would start assigning clean-up points to things like this because you get zero clean-up points for them but I'd think they should easily be 500-1000 points.


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    I wished the Developers assigned Clean Up points to a LOT of new stuff that is unwanted....

    There should be a Design rule with Ultima Online, whereas each and every new item added to the game, gets ALSO given at its Design birth Clean Up Britannia points....

    Oh, and also made stackable by default....
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    We mentioned that and thought it was done, but then realised it did not happen. 
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    As a general rule most of the rewards you can’t use for anything else but deco have no value whatsoever.  You can’t even give them away because every other player has the same stuff.  Would be nice if they were worth some substacial cleanup points, but that kind of player consideration appears never to have been a part of this game’s culture so don’t expect to see it happen.
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    So we want stuff that we collect but don't want or need to have value to get more stuff and things you don't really want so there can be more complaints about storage space...
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    maybe you should sonsider for how much they sell on vendor search before clean up point you seem to have bal maths all of you
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,921
    Fortis said:
    maybe you should sonsider for how much they sell on vendor search before clean up point you seem to have bal maths all of you
    This is getting a bit off topic as I really just want to know if everyone else is getting more titles than anything else but to address this...

    I've had a Krampus title on my vendor for 100k since the event kicked off and I have about 10 of those masks on there for 10k. At this point things like Krampus titles and those Dynamic Champ Regular Masks aren't worth the space they take up. I'd much rather just claim like 1k clean up points. Same with the holiday / anniversary rewards etc etc... the gifts from like 10 years ago are worth some sort of clean up points but the ones from 2 years ago are not. I actually decided not to get more than 1 Balick and Candle from the holiday rewards bc I'd likely just throw them out anyway which would be pointless because they aren't worth any points.
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    Yes I have received at least 50 titles over the years. They are the most common item.
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