A EC trick to avoid trade bag explosion

It took me years of Krampus for me to think of this simple work around. So I thought I would share it in case there is any one else as slow as me out there.

Problem: when you cancel a trade run or die with a full trade bag it all gets dumped in you back pack

Solution: 1
  • Have an empty bag set as your "loot Bag". 
  • Before canceling trade run or entering combat open trade bag and click the "Loot all" button
  • This will move everything in your trade bag to the Loot bag. If needed drop bag on ground.
  • If you don't die and wish to continue the run just reverse the procedure 
Solution 2 
  • Rather than putting items in trade bag put in a disposable bag
  • When you get to the destination trade minister set the trade box as you "loot bag"
  • click "loot all" on your disposable bag. 
I hope this helps but I'm really bad at explaining things and don't like "man splaning" so if anyone need more a detailed explanation just let me know.


  • Nice. Wish I would have thought of that a couple Krampus seasons ago...
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,821
    I try to buy the items for the trade order in the destination town. When that is not possible I have a character from another account do the buying, recall to the destination town, and hand them to the character with the trade order.
  • TimTim Posts: 802
    Oh I buy at target city when posable but there are the times when it's simpler or more convenient to grab it on the way. Often even now I'm not sure if or where an item is in a target city.
  • "open corpse" take only what you want.
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