First Aid Belt

Do you get the 10% Bonus from the belt if it isn't being worn but used? Also if worn do you get the 10% bonus for using the enhanced bandages using Veterinary on a pet? And does the 10% stack with the bonus from enhanced bandages??


  • This is what I found...
    1. First Aid Belt – this blessed belt container safely holds up to 1000 bandages, offers 50% weight reduction, +2 Hit Point Regen, and 10% bandage healing bonus while equipped that stacks with other healing bonuses.

    I also see threads were people talk about it not working properly. I didn't look into those to know exactly what isn't working properly. Looks like it needs to be equipped for it to be anything other than a container for bandages. 
  • SethSeth Posts: 2,904
    If this belt is designed for warriors, it would be more useful if it has HP+10.
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