December Events?

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Are there going to be any events for December?  There is nothing on the event calendar.


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    I’ve noticed two events so far. One is the Vesper gifts from Busy Bees and The Colored Canvas.  The second is the Jhelom Christmas gifts (take south island teleporter pad).  I was told by a kind person that you give the elf by the tree completed BODs and you get a gift.  I noticed many gifts under the tree this morning, but if you didn’t give the elf any BODs, you cannot receive a gift.  I don’t know how long the gifts stick around, or if the event repeats.  

    If there are other events, maybe someone will share.
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    Thanks Traleah for the comment *smiles*  I should have specified EM events.

    The artisan trees will appear in a town one at a time(assuming people are growing them) ..The next tree is being grown in Minoc so now would be the time to give the elf completed BODs. In a couple of days the presents will appear.  If you search Artisan in the player WIKI, you will see the list of towns that will get a tree

  • Oops.  Sorry I couldn't help you ~ but you helped me and I'm off to Minoc now.   :)
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    Glad to help!!  :)
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    EM Azure Sky doesn't post here.
    you have to look at the town crier
    click on EM
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