State of EJ account conversions?

How its going?
First it was announce that it takes "48hrs" to convert all accounts. 48h seems gone more than once. I still have accounts bonded to my main EA account which can't be accessed.


  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 417
    Same here, it's been quite a while, way longer than 48 account is still closed and hasn't been used for about 18 months.
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 815
     Same...I have 2 accounts under my master that are still closed....but I did finally receive the elusive e-mail so I am assuming that those 2 accounts will remain closed...for whatever reason. They did say that they would post an update to so just keep an eye on that.

  • SableSable Posts: 208
    Every account of mine which had been subscribed at one time has been actived in EJ.  The inactive accounts of mine all just went through the 14 day trial period.  My plan now is to pop a 30 day account code on them, go through them and train characters, and then let them expire and go into EJ after the waiting period.
  • LarisaLarisa Posts: 815
    I think maybe the 2 of mine that are still closed were never paid for. I know I opened a few trial accounts to hold houses when I was part of a player-run town, but like I've stated before, I ran auctions weekly and my auctioneer SHOULD be on one of my accounts and I know I paid for that one because I played it regularly and she's not on any of the 7 EJ accounts I can access right now so I am hoping she's on one of the 2 that are still closed.

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