Is There An Official Start Date For The Artisan Festival?

Do we know yet when the 1st elf is going to appear? Is it going to be in Yew again?
I'm trying to plan an opening celebration on Baja for that evening.
Thank you.


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,542
    newsletter said it starts Dec 1
    It wasn't stated what city, but they usually reverse the order
    so it should be Britain

    A tree lighting would be an awesome event
    You should take a picture of everyone attending
    to commemorate the cities achievement
  • HippoHippo Posts: 200
    On ATL the Elf is at Britain.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,164
    On Eur the TREE is at Britain

  • Great Lakes the Elf is in Britain as well.  All our welcome to attend our tree lighting ceremony Today December 1st, 2021 6:00pm CST.  
  • GoldieGoldie Posts: 142
    hi for this festival what are the best bods to use for this tree, for large bODS  both cost of supplies and points for tree 
    thank you
  • For me it's smithing and tailoring. I have a miner so I can get the ingots and I get the hides and grow flax for tailoring.

  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,325Moderator
    Everyone who is new to this should keep in mind the difference between bank points on small bods and bank points on large bods.
    Points are banked at a rate of 2% of the full value for small bods, 20% for large bods

  • I think I just saw a bunch of balloons being popped. :'(
  • GoldieGoldie Posts: 142
    thanks amberwitch :)
    another quick question,  how many points does it take to get a star on a tree, i have search google but can't find the number

    thank you :)

  • You're on Siege right? Almost afraid to tell you. :p
    25,000 bank points.

  • GoldieGoldie Posts: 142
    thank you :)

  • GoldieGoldie Posts: 142
    do we know if there is any new items added to the festive presents yet?
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,540
    Is there a list of which days the festival starts in each city?
  • There is not, but it is approximately three and a half days per city and it started at server up December 1st in Britain.  We presume it is going in alphabetical order so Jhelom should be next.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,325Moderator
    The wiki page is upto date with 2021 gifts, as well as tree locations and other information.

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