Farewell from Majestic Oaks Auction

Majestic Oak Auction Great Lakes and any other shard we've hosted on bids Ultima Online Good Bye.
It's with a heavy heart, but one filled with Gratitude for a long run we will close at the end of 2021.
We've had many loyal patrons over 21 years at our weekly events. We've had a few locations.
The Castle on Great Lakes will remain in the event we decide to do a "reunion"

All things have a life cycle and we just can't generate the numbers of attendees, sellers to keep this alive.
Thanks to all who have given us their expertise in various subjects, rares, weapons and such.

I'd like to thank all of you that we've spent years with. The staff that are part of my family now.
Volunteered their time and resources for this many years. DJ Scorp, Princess Melody, Anthony so many others who left over the years.
Dec 2nd will be our last regular auction and Dec 18th the Holiday event.


  •  :'( 
  • Aww...I decided l, after a 10 year break (caused by financial hardship then having a family) to return; I'm sad to see this happen. But understand. Thank you for all the effort over the years!
  • TheoTheo Posts: 141
    Thank you so much for all your service over the years.  

    In the days before vendor search and auction safes - this was the very best place to go for rares and other items both as a seller and a buyer.  Those high priced items that you coudln't afford to sit on a vendor or those items that you had no idea the value until you put it in front of 30-40 collectors.  

    MOA was one of the best run auction houses on any shard and above reproach in terms of reliability and trustworthyness.   

    Way back when I made my first million through a MOA auction for a Valorite Anvil.   :-)

    I am sad to see it go but I understand the times change and the game has put in mechanics that replicate some of the auction house value and benefits.  

    You all were a great value to the Great Lakes shard and I'm sad to see it go but remember the effort and times fondly.  The trivia questions and giveaways and standing in line to pay for my items.  The bags with a book and my ICQ number to contact me after the auction and a bag with gold checks in it.   

    Thanks and safe travels!
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