Horrors of the Dark New Spawn ; Anyone knows whether the Boss can "decay" ?

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As we know, the way that Champion Spawns work, is that, if there is no players tackleing the Spawn, or if they are not enough to advance it, the Spawn reverts "back" to lower Waves....

But what about, when the Boss spawns ?

What I am trying to say is, that it would not be a surprise for me, if players who have gotten enough of the new belts, might then loose interest in killing the Boss to get more belts....

Therefore, unless the Boss was to "decay", if not killed within a certain amount of time, the Spawn woud never reset which it means, that those players interested in getting more Masks, but too few to kill the Boss, would be "stuck" in being able to reset the spawn unless there were to be other players willing to help them out in killing the Boss to reset the Spawn, even when no longer interested in getting more belts...

So, does anyone know, whether an unkilled Boss, if not killed within X time from spawning, can decay thus permitting the reset of the Spawn for those players interested in getting more Masks ?


  • PawainPawain Posts: 5,972
    That may be a problem since we don't have to go to these dead shards to get more belts.

    But you wanted multiple drops so you have to live with the consequences.
  • This is 2 days old and already you find ways to ask dumb questions.  The boss does not last long enough to answer you stupid question 

    and don’t tell me oh great champion of the players that reams of people asked you this question

  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 2,785
    It's not like other spawns where the boss is ridiculously OP just kill it everytime 
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,116
    The DEVs listened to feedback and gave most what they wanted which was an easier Champ with more drops and the chance to get multiple belts (while still requiring people to work the whole spawn).
    Pawain said:
    But you wanted multiple drops so you have to live with the consequences.
    I was literally thinking this same thing that now that the dynamic champ spawn was essentially watered down; how many people have buyers remorse? Many people have 5-10-15 belts by now and it's only the 3rd day so how long will people continue to do this (especially on dead shards) before they get bored with it?

    People asked for a watered down champ and the result is a watered down reward. :) 
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,432
    no, I imagine they left it like it was for the Alchemists Abomination.
    The boss should stay up until it is defeated.

    This time of the year people are getting ready for the holiday season
    and might not have enough time to get on to do the spawn 
    in the first few days... 

    I know that if someone wants to do it on Sonoma
    I will be willing to help, as long as I am on.
    I want to get as many of the belts as I can, health & weather permitting.

    I love that the belt can be dyed
    I just wish that it could have been blessed with a clothing bless deed
    but also glad that it isn't overly expensive
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