@Kyronix @Bleak - Butchers are no longer in the graveyards ;)

@Kyronix @Bleak Butcher are no longer in the graveyards ;)

Whoever conjured them away on Drachenfels (I haven't checked the other shards to see if they are there) please turn the lever again as soon as possible (and not with the next bugfix) so that they can get back to their mischief in the graveyard. There are still pumpkins growing in the fields that you can't work on without their carving tools.

Seriously, people... mistakes like this are becoming more and more frequent - and in the long run it's going to be very unpleasant!

It doesn't seem to matter too much here, since everyone has probably already carved their Medusa heads ;), but rumour has it that the carving tool for this head is extremely hard to find.

As far as I know, no specific end date has been set for the shutdown. If there is, I may have missed it again, or it was - as usual - not communicated well or in a very hidden way.

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A little less ego-thinking, know-it-all and rumbling compared to others who aren't so "great" and the UO-life would be a whole corner easier

(Ein bisschen weniger Ego-Denken, Besserwisserei und Rumprollerei anderen gegenüber die halt nicht so "toll sind" und das UO-Leben wäre ne ganze Ecke einfacher)


  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 1,057Dev
    Butchers have always been active only during the month of October.  Considering we've extended other Halloween content into November, we can look at doing the same for the butchers.  However, should we do this, this change won't be until next year.  
  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
    Thanks for replying!!!!
    Acknowledgment and accountability go a long way... 
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 1,921
    Hmm. I'm a little torn on this.

    Initially I felt like butchers (and the skeletons) should only be for October because they have always been for Halloween (which ends 10/31). The one downside would be that for people who have been grinding the Treasures Of event they have to decide where to spend their time. 

    That said, this could be a boost to the economy and people who didn't want to do the Treasure Of event could have farmed butchers and could now sell their goods to others starting in Nov since that portion would be over.
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