This week's EM Event (Halloween)

EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 166Event Moderator
Friends, I am not having a good month of it.
Some vile miners, searching for a fabled seam of valorite, have dug right through my portal to our fair realm of Siege Perilous. Why they have to keep digging up the street is beyond me - but they're at it again. I have tried alternate methods, but these are much, much too sluggish. 

I am assured that "normal services will resume" by Sunday morning - which means that I have to move Saturday night's event to Sunday. 
So, put simply: 
No event on Saturday.
Come to the event if you can on Sunday. 
The normal time of 5pm EST will apply.
Please tell your friends, enemies, minions and troll-wranglers, and PK any miners you happen to see this week, just in case one of them was responsible for digging up my cables.
Thank you.

EM Kincaid

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