Halloween party!!

Brightstar of Pacific would like to formally invite everyone to join. 

One week from tonight, is the City of Britain's Halloween party - and everyone's invited! The event will be held at the old Castle Britannia in Britain, Trammel. It starts at 7 pm Pacific time, and lasts just under an hour, though of course you're welcome to stay as long as you like! Music for the party will be played over UO Radio, and I'll announce the fall decor contest winners in game and on UOR.

My fellow governors and I have decorated the castle for Halloween with the help of our EM, and we'll even have a costume parade on the red carpet in the old throne room there. I have a surprise to show you as well, though I don't plan to get anyone killed like in my last event. wink
I hope to see you there on October 30th.


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