A Few Ideas for Decorations

Hello all :) I had some random ideas for decorations that I thought would be good to suggest. I was thinking that some of these non-used multis could see the light of day through available systems (cleanup, Huntmaster, collections, trade runs, Slim runs). Or even if they were bundled on the UO store I would buy a ton. I think it would add some new incentives to those systems, though. Some that I saw that are interesting:

Treasure piles
Stone sarcophagi
Lots of different types of trees (walnut, oak, cedar, different willow graphic and all kinds of ones just named "tree" found in the woods around Britannia, maybe even a Yew tree... that's a bit large but it would be awesome!)
Tent (maybe like the old housing tents but smaller? wandering healer camp size?
Wagon (like the gypsy camps near Compassion in Ilshenar and the wandering healer camps, maybe smaller?)
Small boat (maybe as big as the row boat? or multi-size option? not huge ones of course, not sure if they could be placed on water tiles or not though)
Pulley crane
Other vats (the Primeval Lich one is nice to have but ones with grapes and water would be cool)

Next: It would be awesome if trade runs dropped the other types of signs that aren't available. Tailor, healer, apothecary,etc. The ones with trade symbols on them.

Next: Would it be terribly difficult to give vet teles the different graphic options that the store ones do? Idk about others but I use a lot more grey teles than pink ones and I would love to use the different graphics.

Next: This is probably a stretch and probably redundant and unnecessary, but with all of the available modes of transport available to players these days... what about moongates as a vet reward? Color options of blue, red, black?

That's all.. just some random stuff that occurred to me. None of it is well thought out :D Feel free to pick it all apart or add to it.
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