115 spells spellbook (magery)

AzuthAzuth Posts: 2
Is this worth much?


  • AzuthAzuth Posts: 2
    Someone told me its worth like 90 mill, but thats not much these days so Id like to get a few more opinions or examples of sales preferably.
  • gaygay Posts: 212
    edited June 29
    Goto your bank.
    say "withdraw 100"
    Put your spell book into your bank.
    Drag 1 coin from the pile of 100 gold, drop it on to the book.
    Rinse and repeat.

    1 Coin adds 1 "spell" to the book.

    Fake rare.

    Also, @Mesanna This has been reported numerous times for over a decade now, please fix this game.
  • Just went from maybe 90 million to Squat in one message 
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