Returning Player from 2002 Looking for Friends/Guild

I just recently recovered my account and was super thrilled to log back into my Axe Warrior from 20 years ago. So much has changed about this game.

Are there any active guilds or anything on Napa. I would prefer not to have to reroll a new character on a more active realm but after looking up the changes, it seems it would be very advantageous to join up with people as things like DCI and HCI weren't a thing and even low level drops are better than the gear I was wearing.


  • Hi, and welcome back! the guild OSN or Old Skool Noobs is always happy to help players! we're only a small guild, but we have a solid little core of old returnees as well. Would be happy to meet in game!
  • Hey! Yeah absolutely. I'm just GMing my Resist (was 80) on New Haven. When and where do you want to meet?
  • stop by our guildhouse, just outside Luna to the East!
  • Okay, will do soon as I'm done here :)
  • NorryNorry Posts: 521
    Hey, welcome back
  • Thanks! So awesome being back. Already getting into the swing of things.
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