Bugged Treasure Maps

DrowyDrowy Posts: 128
I have several treasure maps from Ter Mur that are not marked with a red pin. Neither in classic client nor in enhanced client. Davy's locker even says its an Eodon map, but the part of the map is of Ter Mur, just no pin on it.


  • JepethJepeth Posts: 508
    Best thing to do is put them away for a month so they reset.
  • DrowyDrowy Posts: 128
    Sure, still its a bug and maybe it can be fixed and avoided in the future.
  • DrowyDrowy Posts: 128
    A little update, using the coordinates from Davy's Locker works. The Eodon named map showing a part of Ter Mur, was in Eodon. I could find it and dig it up.
  • Ther problem is u can accidentally touch pin on map and reset it position or u alredy bought map with such issue.
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