The "Toggle Scale Mode" Option in EC Does Not Work On Several Gumps

KhyroKhyro Posts: 227
The "Toggle Scale Mode" option in the Enhanced Client does not work when used on several different gumps. The list is as follows (not comprehensive, more may be added as they are discovered):
  • Runebook (when opened)
  • Runic Atlas (when opened)
  • Opened Treasure Map
  • Moongate Selection Gump
  • Power Scroll Book (when opened)
  • Scrolls of Transcendence book (when opened)
  • Scrolls of Alacrity book (when opened)
  • Quest Log Gump

Steps to Reproduce
  1. In the Enhanced Client, drag the "Toggle Scale Mode" option from the Actions list to a hotbar
  2. Use the "Toggle Scale Mode" option to Enable Scale Mode
  3. Open one of the gumps listed above and attempt to use the Scroll Wheel Up/Down on it
  4. Observe that the gump does not scale

Expected Result
All gumps in the EC should scale properly. This is a fantastic feature that makes playing on higher resolutions very pleasant, but when you run into an item that can't be scaled properly, it can be a strain on the eyes.
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