Co-owner and Friends house list

 Would be real nice if the Co-Owner list was about double or triple what it is.  If Not possible to do that the friends list covering all of the characters on the friended acct would be nice. The limits are really annoying for me at token time and a in general minor annoyance the rest of the year.


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,523
    I agree
    10 co-owners isn't really enough

    when I know where something is, that I need for a specific character
    I would really like to go grab it right away & not have to switch characters to go grab it.
    because by the time I grab it, then come back to that character, I realize I needed something else there too.


    Also we have had this issue before at the Crafters Guild House on Sonoma.
    co-owners are Elders in the Guild.
    We store keys for the events in boxes there
    And sometimes the people who are co-owned aren't on
    so nobody could access them & so they expire.

    They actually had to take people off recently
    to give other people access

    And thats not to mention, the boxes that are for rolls
    for after the events. 
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