My new focused pure Necromancer/Fencer.

120 Fencing
120 Anatomy
120 Tactics
120 Spirit Speak
120 Necromancy
100 Poisoning
20 Focus

I use Parasitic poison for heals on my weapon usually Kryss for AI and Infectious Strike.

SS for heals and durations on specific spells like Curse Weapon

Being focused means I can cast necro spells in HB and certain spells like Corpse Skin hit harder.

There is alot of info I'm missing, like why the skills I chose all synchronize with the build.

Like having high poisoning as a Fencer always gives me lvl 5 poison and I have a 9% chance to poison with Poison Strike while attacking.

Also I run Fencing Mastery for the Stam drain and Strangle.

I hope someone tests this build.

With wraith form up I can keep Thrust active the whole fight.

Please any more input would be great. 

I can stand toe to toe with UEV and not need Chiv/Parry/Bushido.


  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,070
    I had that build when the Grimms first appeared.  He was able to kill them the fastest of my toons back then and I would use the Horde Minion to gather the pumpkins so Grimms would spawn faster.  

    I cast a revenant on him, used weapon specials and corpse skin with poison on a weapon.
  • quickbladequickblade Posts: 270
    edited September 2021
    I dont think 120 necro is needed, neither gm poisoning, you can drop necro to 105 and still be able to cast all necro spells 100% of the time, 90 poisoning is also sufficient to do lethal poison i think 90% of the time maybe even 100%. Poisoning mobs from a poison strike spells is almost irrelevant in pvm, the poison ticks aren't very high dmg and the ticks are too slow, not talking about 9% chance in UO is very low.

    You could drop the 20 focus and go healing instead with the +25 skill saved above for 45 healing, with some skills on jewels/suit and maybe dropping anatomy to gm I'm sure you could reach 90 healing with enhanced bandages makes it gm. Then with healing you are pretty much good for any events that include paragons fighting, because you can't life steal them or poison them so without healing your build won't work.
  • Yeah I tried Wildfire and ran into some issues. I have my imbuer making me select slayers for the 3x damage and curse weapon and SS are my only heals without poison Parasitic for the close range heals.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,070
    I brought mine out of the dust for Wildfire.  I only made a Kama for WW. It was a Demon slayer and I wore a Fire slayer Tali.  I did not attempt any undeads.  He could kill all the other Paragons except the Balron, didn't even try.  I rode a Swampy and rode away to heal as needed.

    He looks like this now:

    Took off the poison for Bushido.
    Slayer weapons make a difference.

    He is wearing a Transmogged Bake Kitsune hat.  I could not repair it so I stopped when it got low on durability.  

    temp.bmp 116.5K
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