Publish 110 Feedback on Cu Sidhe Skins.

Love Them Thanks ALL!

Would be perfect if they had a collor that was the original color of the Cu.  But I have no Blaze so I dont care.  Now no reason to get one. hehe


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    For those trying to get the puppies.

    Patch and log in to Test Center.

    Say "give petcostumes" so the text appears above your toons head. There is a signpost and puppy statues in the Britain Commons on Test Center that states the command.

    You will get a notice you've received pet costume credits.

    Find a Pet Groomer NPC at a stable.

    Choose "Apply Store Costume" from the NPC context menu and select the puppy skin you want.

    Choose "Groom" to switch between skins that have already been applied.

    The costumes are Character bound, not Account bound. Each character will need their own set of pet costumes.
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    "publish 110? or publish 111?"
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    lol It kept giving me an error mesasage so I didnt think they were posting.  I would have edited the title if I knew.  I tried to copy the format of the title from the stickied ones. I copied too much lol.

    Well This Sucks @Mariah ; @Rorschach ; please move these to the trash and just leave 1.
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    Hehehe mine got 3 as well 
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