SHIPs on Sonoma

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on Sonoma
my husband checks his ships and mine every day.
I looked at his screen when he was on one of his ships (yesterday).
late last night I went to my ship and discovered it was somewhat worn.
I thought maybe he might have missed mine.
I went to bed and in the middle of the night,
 thought maybe I should check his.
I discovered that all of his ships were somewhat worn.

This morning I got on and checked all of the ships that I have runes too.
(guild members and non-guild ships at the floating emporium)
They were all somewhat worn too

I don't know if this is happening on other shards,
but it happened on Sonoma


are the ships supposed to go slightly worn within 20 mins or refreshing the ship?
(this happened to orc ships and brit ship)
(the tokuno ships didn't go to slightly worn
but were somewhat worn when I checked them)
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