Britain's Governor Holds the Second Sosarian Archery Tournament


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    There's a slight error on my poster, I forgot about daylight saving. The time is 7.30pm current UK time
    This is a novelty event using the undead archery targets, no archery skill is needed

    To enter the contest:

    All the instructions given here are also in the book marked 1. in the image below.

    1. take a book and a red leaf from the box marked 2 in the image and shown open top left

    2. write your name in the book, shown open top right. Seal it with the leaf

    3. place the completed book in  the mailbox marked 3 in the image.

    Contestants will be drawn in random pairs from the mailbox, winner of each pair going through to the next round. There are prizes for the top 3

    Runes to the venue will be dropped at West Britain and Luna banks 15 - 30 minutes before the start. If anyone wants to submit their entry before Friday they're welcome to do so provide they find their own way to the castle. 

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