New Magincia Stable Vendors - House Addon?

Great concept.  Although alot of people dont stock their vendors in new mag and its very limited.  If this feature could be a house add-on (with some tweaks in size) and included in VS.  Would mainstream pet sales dramatically.


  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,701
    I have been hoping for a Kennel Operator NPC at New Mag docks.
    when you interact with this NPC, a gump opens up.
    you select the pet you want (dots next to the name)
    and it tells you which stall they are located.
    Also places a dot on your map at that vendor

    the list could be huge, but could be simplified...
    cat, dinosaur, dog, dragon, reptile


    or instead of a NPC, it could be the Knight chess piece (guild stone)
    that way it would stand out.

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