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Hello everyone,

My name is UltraViolence from the great lakes server. I played there many years ago from 2002-2009 and after a long hiatus EJ has brought me back to UO. So far I have loved all the additions and ended up subscribing again. I am hoping to play on Siege this time around and was hoping you all could give me some pointers for getting started.

Also I am an Eastern Time Zone player, are there any actively recruiting guilds that share my time zone? Would love to find a group of like minded players to enjoy the game with.


My apologies for all the threads I kept getting an error pop up when trying to post and I had thought the post were failing.


  • CharGarCharGar Posts: 38
    UWSP is actively recruiting for all new folks from Endless Journey.  Holler for Tanager or Magic Hands in game.

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    Welcome back ! As said by Chargar (thank you char :) ) we are recruting new/returning/EJ players to help them to set here :) ... For first 30 days you can join our guild and learn better how Siege works and, at the end of this period, you'll be free to stay with us or join another guild that fit better for you :) ... The only rules are that in these 30 days you can't kill people or steal from them :) 
    I'm online usually from 2 PM to 5 PM EST time and tanager usually also before and after that time :) ... Hope to meet you soon in game :)
  • Would love to find a group of like minded players to enjoy the game with.
    Define "like minded"... what are you looking to do mainly? Only PvM? PvP? Crafting? The more details you give people about your personal preferences the higher the chance that a guild will take you in...
  • PvP and high end PvE I want to do champ spawns and peerlesses and other similar things. Havent really played since before Stygian Abyss so trying to learn game again.
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