Church of Virtue Monk Starter Pack

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"Feeling a little directionless?

Need a new vocation?

Do you feel judgy but lack the authority to really make those feelings towards others impactful?

Then come down to the Church of Virtue on Felucca Skara Brae island and purchase yourself a Monk of the Virtues Starter Pack!

When I took ownership of this church I thought maybe I could just sell the building's bricks away for scrap material. But then I found all these things in a box in the attic! What luck! In each of these packs you will find:

-One monk's robe to protect you from the elements and also to cover your shame.
-One crook to hit people for not getting out of your way and to complete the general vibe.
-One pair of sandals to house your dirty feet.
-One 'ankh' necklace which I hear has some sort of religious symbolism.
-One copy of 'Virtue' by his former royal highness Lord British so you can feel morally superior to others. It's also handy to crack open walnuts.

Go forth and spread the word of the Virtues! (For a low low cost of 100k gold!)

-Reeves Quick, Governor of the city and farmlands of Skara Brae and Iver's Rounding."
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