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Is there a way to make a macro to open nearest backpack from a paperdoll without having to open a paperdoll and manually click? Also is there a way to macro to steal a certain item or all manual?


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    Using legal options this may be a possibility with Pinco (sp?) EC client. 

    I use classic client and here's what i do.
    Open paperdoll from a distance and double click the backpack. 
    Move in with last object macro to pop the pack open.
    After picking your item, use a dagger/knife to target the item. 
    You'll no longer need an open pack to steal the item, just a stealing macro and a last target macro.

    It's a pain to stalk people it really is. 
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    Urge said:
    Using legal options this may be a possibility with Pinco (sp?) EC client.
    Just a little clarification. Pinco's is not a 'client' it is a 'user interface' which can be used with the EC client. EC allows players to create custom user interfaces, the documentation to do so comes with the client. Several people made them when EC was new, but Pinco's was so much more comprehensive that most people began using his rather than create their own.
    If you want to know more about it look for this file:
    C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Stygian Abyss\UserInterface\

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    In CC or EC?
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