Catskills: Skara Brae Ranger's Expedition: Covetous 4/14/18 8PM

OkamiOkami Posts: 62
The Skara Brae Rangers will be holding another dungeon expedition as artifacts of a ranger's legacy are still sought. The next destination will be Covetous, and an attempt will be made to stop the sorceress Cora's hold on the location and attempt to prevent her continued abuse of the mysterious resource located there.

The dungeon's defenders change constantly, so prepare for the worst.

(The departure time will be 8pm EST, with the gathering to be held at the Skara Community Center at 7:30PM EST, for a little pre departure RP.

Of note, the new Town Cryer Quests include a Covetous quest, and if you'd like to complete it, you need to fight Cora. There are a few steps prior that you may want to complete: Killing a pile of the first floor mobs, and defending the void pool. But this is not required to attend, the event just provides a good reason to check out the new content!)
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