Baja Olympic's

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Last night at the Governors meeting, the King proposed having the "Baja Olympics"
(I had seen the boxes containing the medals at the awards hall and thought this would be a cool thing to do again!)
My thoughts are:
Having each of the Governor cities "sponsor" an event. You wouldn't have to provide anything, unless you would like to hand out "welcome bags" to players. These can contain anything, a bottle of brewed wine with a "tag" on it. perhaps a cake, a article of clothing in the bag, your choice!
I have some ideas for events, but more than welcome your suggestions as well! Maybe make this a weekend event, time allowing!
Also I thought it would be awesome to have a "running of the torch" through the Cities by either the Governor or a designated Citizen of that city, with the last Runner, entering Malas (near the Awards hall) where the event will take place. I thought about the Skara Faire grounds area, but I don't think it will be big enough to
hold the events that will be done. Plus the diving thing cant be moved!
Please comment with suggestions or send a email to me at with any ideas for the Baja Olympics!
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