PvM / PvE Solo Builds

Hi All,

I'm a returning player from 2000.  I been back a few months casually... but now want to try a sort my chars out.
I have a sampire build which could do with better gear and some skill tweaks.. thats fine.

What I'm trying to understand, is the ideal solo player vs mob build?  What would be ideal one to undertake champs, high level dungeons etc?
I'm a loner so struggle to find time and effort to group...

Any details would be of much help in terms of skills, stats and basics of gear?

THanking you


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 966
    I play solo a fair amount because of time constraints.  Enough players generally show up at major events that it does not matter much if you are a loner or in a group.  Everyone works together to beat the spawns and the boss even if you don’t know or communicate with anyone else that is there (your choice).  It is much more fun playing with a partner if you can find someone else that plays in your time slot although that might take a few years if you are like me.

    Know that does not answer your question that well.  But, others will provide better answers about gear.  If you got your old players back chances are your templates will not need that much work.   It’s more about equipment.  At present time would recommend Yukio’s quest to get the earrings you can sell or wear.  It’s only moderately difficult to solo and will help you a lot to relearn how to play your characters.

    Welcome back and good luck in the game.

  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 966
    Sorry you did not get any better.  Answers.  You might find the post office new player asks for advice I moved closer to yours helpful.
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 971
    Nothing has changed really. Samps can still do it all and any variation of a tamer will put you in end game content.

  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    @Mariah @Rorschach can you move this to General Discussion so more people see it?
    To OP you might want to post your current builds that you want help with.
    Welcome back, as I only play old school type chars I really have no useful advice for you.
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