Vendor Search Suggestions

Below are some suggestions to improve vendor search and also improve query performance.  (I assume some of these suggestions are indexed on the back-end)

Commodity Deeds
  • Add commodity deed as searchable item (maybe under Misc).
  • When selected, have input box show to enter quantity amount.   (Asking for expanding drop down on type of commodity I understand would be not feasible so whatever you're searching will still need to be done via item name... i.e-  valorite ingots, frostwood, etc...)
Search by HUE#
  • Add ability to search for item based on HUE/Color.  This will eliminate long searches when combined with other query parameters.
  • When selected, add list of skills to the skill groups drop-down, along with input box for %.  This is one of the more difficult items to search for

I understand there are many other improvements that can be made but wanted to highlight the ones that will improve accuracy and query performance.
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