Public Access Points to Ranger and Warden Houses in the Abyss

I hope this is okay to post here, as it contains a link to another site.  However, since it is not possible to edit posts on this forum after a certain amount of time, it is very difficult here to create a compiled list of information.  So I would like to politely ask that this thread can stay here and stay open (if people would rather contribute here) as the final form of the information gathered in the other location should be beneficial to everyone.

I've started a thread on Stratics to collect and compile a list showing whether or not the Ranger and Warden houses in the Abyss are public or private and where you can find teleporters outside the Abyss to get to them.  The thread is at ; .  If you would like to help collect this information, please post here or post over there and I'll add the information to the first post in that thread.

Thank you.


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    The information in the other thread has been updated for just over half the shards now. Can anyone help with information regarding who owns the Ranger and Warden houses and where to find publicly accessible teleporter tiles to those houses on the following shards:  Catskills, Chesapeake, Drachenfels, Europa, Hokuto, Izumo, Legends, Mizuho, Mugen, Pacific, Sakura, Siege Perilous, and Wakoku? Thanks!
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    The other thread is at    The link in my first post above doesn't work.
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    I know on Pac they are both in the 4:20 house in luna
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