Cant enter sparkles in Eastern Refuge on Lake Superior.

PawainPawain Posts: 5,263
Never have been able to enter sparkles to go in the cave.  But when you walk through them with a pet, the pet disappears for a second and pops back.



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    Sparkle teleport works on Asuka 
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    My guess:
    From the Tower where Yukio is currently trapped, we proceeded to the streets of Eastern Refuge to clear the champspawn and defeat the abomination. This should be followed by the next storyline inside the sparkle where Yukio thanked us for rescuing her. Then as we descend into the caves, the monks were doing stuffs that would create a portal for the rest of the story which should end in Fire dungeon. So its not ready yet.
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    I visited several shards when this first came to light. There are very different situations worldwide. On Europa, for example, Holmes will not enter a dialogue, but the various characters in the caverns will. On other shards this is the other way around. On one shard there is a portal to Moonglow Lyceum in the caverns, I did not find that elsewhere. Yukio's dialogue in the caverns indicates that the abomination must be defeated first, as she thanks you for doing that.
  • SethSeth Posts: 1,682
    Mariah said:
     On one shard there is a portal to Moonglow Lyceum in the caverns

    hmm, then it might take a few more hops before we end up in the final, fire dungeon.
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  • PawainPawain Posts: 5,263
    @Kyronix ; sounds like yall fixed some bugs.  We still can not enter the sparkles on Lake Superior.
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