Time to update the reward drop list on various systems

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What does peerless bosses, cleanup points NPC, Champ spawn bosses have in common?
All these systems have been in game for a decade, 10-15 years and the drop list is more or less the same. Peerless bosses like Melisande, Medusa, or the Narvey spider or even the champ spawns dont need major overhaul and alot of changes, just update the drop list. 
In this list I think you can add moonglow zoo, Vesper museum and britainnia library system as well.

Its good that old returning players know that melisande drop the crimson apron and medusa drop the slither, and on Narvey you can find the tangle appron, I think they should remain. But in addition they could need a new item or two, be it wearable, deco, consuming items.or tokens of some sort.

I.E. The Batlin inner voice talisman for example is almost same as slither, why not add it to Medusa?
There has been many temporarily events with new items that could be put permanently to a boss.

I could mention the Doom gauntlet as well, however it had a few new rewards 3 years ago(pub 96, 8.feb 2017) The shadowguard also about 5years ago.(pub 90, 2015)

I do realize the focus on adding new items in new systems, we have had multiple "events" such as the ToT, dynamic system, quests and champ spawns that have new items and last for 1month.
But what I am looking for here is the fixed structural systems that have been in game for a decade to also have a new item or two. You could argue that these decade old systems are "easy to do" but then you can add a really rare droprate to it to compensate.

Thank you


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    While I won't disagree about getting new rewards I think the Devs logic behind the new dynamic stuff is to give people something to focus on for a short time period. This would encourage people to keep playing throughout the year rather than just going on a long hiatus knowing that they can just go hit Doom (or Peerless etc) when they get back and not skip a beat. 
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