Mesanna when are you going to sort out SoT's

JackFlashUkJackFlashUk Posts: 662
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I must be well over a year ago now that players complained to you about the rubbish SoT's that drop.

You said that you would sort it out and remove useless SoT's like camping, herding and taste ID from dropping from champs

Can you elaborate WHEN you are going to do this please?


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,007
    You get the good with the bad.  It’s by design.  That’s Ultima Online. Over time you usually come out ahead.  Get tired of digging up chests and killing monsters filled with garbage but get enough good stuff to keep doing it.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,182
    First you need to work out exactly which ones are 'rubbish', because herding, for one, isn't useless. Many players have an active herder and use them regularly, me included. Just because you have no use for the skill, doesn't mean no one else has. 
  • FortisFortis Posts: 387
    yeah i only want 120 pet scrolls to drop from champ ill go make a thread for i cant beleive this thread
  • JackFlashUkJackFlashUk Posts: 662
    Fotis,  It was agreed my Mesanna. read my post.  As Petra said the hold up was what scrolls were not needed,  I mention Herding as an example.  Lets see wha Mesanna has planned 
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