EM Event "Retreat of the Fire Beast"

EM RainstormerEM Rainstormer Posts: 78Event Moderator
Please meet at the EM Rewards Hall for further instructions. Gates will be provided from the Brit and Luna Bank.

14 May 2021 @ 9 EST / 8 CST

EM Rainstormer

I can be reached at:




  • usernameusername Posts: 355

    *sigh* Pacific had an event scheduled here for a week now
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  • EM RainstormerEM Rainstormer Posts: 78Event Moderator

    Currently there are 27 shards and each shard has 3 events per month. If all events take place according to plan that is a total of 81 events. Given there are only 30ish days per month there are bound to be days there are more than one event taking place.

    I am sorry that there are events that take place on the same days. Players will have to pick which event interest them on those days.

    Thank you for your passion for the game.

  • NorryNorry Posts: 505
    There are 12 american shards(not counting seige), and we usually have 3 times that events happen.
    8pm est
    9pm est
    10pm est
    3 events per shard per month is 36.
    28 days a month(lowest for feb) x 3 for time slots is 84.

    I know planning and setup takes a bit, and your volunteering for the role. There are, however plenty of time slots available that do not overlap.

  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,741
    I loved that they were at the same time way less lag and off shard players i wish all events were the same time and day would fix a lot of issues... 
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  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,634
    did not bother me.
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