New splash screen looks amazing!

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Whomever artist you guys picked up in the last couple years is amazing.  That EJ (EDIT: Meant Time of Legends) splash should have never been approved.  No offense.


  • I like it the new login screen throwback to the old original back in the day.
  • FeigrFeigr Posts: 492
    My bad, that was me mistyping.  The EJ splash looks amazing, the Time of Legends splash was abomination.
  • I agree the ToL one looked very amateurish 
  • SableSable Posts: 242
    I love the Time of Legends image
  • PapaSmurfPapaSmurf Posts: 112
    Must admit I did get a bit of ole nostalgia when I first seen it  :#

  • Dean478Dean478 Posts: 9
    Where does one see it?
  • MisticoMistico Posts: 6
    Is very good! Stones as sound track is amazing too!
  • PapaSmurfPapaSmurf Posts: 112
    Dean478 said:
    Where does one see it?
    Where you log in and enter your acc name etc

  • PegasusPegasus Posts: 5
    Love the new login screen :)
  • GalderGalder Posts: 3
    Hi everyone! I love the new login screen too! Many memories!
  • CazadorCazador Posts: 83
    What!?! You didn’t like the “dinosaur” my toddler drew? How rude!
  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,453
    The music is ok, but it's not the original.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
  • I'm rather picky and I didn't find it hideous or annoying so it's probably  ok lol
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  • Agreed! I'm sure the beautiful artist at the anniversary party had something to do with it...just sayin'

    *What was her name?
  • SkettSkett Posts: 1,437
    Ya it’s way better than that dinosaur cartoon screen, I guess it really couldn’t have got any worst lol 
  • Dean478Dean478 Posts: 9
    PapaSmurf said:
    Dean478 said:
    Where does one see it?
    Where you log in and enter your acc name etc

    Curious, patch only just came through for me now. Thanks! :)
  • ButcherButcher Posts: 28
    Yeah, it’s nice and the classic theme is even better. But for some reason I have all the shield shaped buttons cut at the edges if the screen. Like the image is larger than my display can show. IDK, maybe it’s something to do with resolution, but everything is fine when I log in.
  • PenNPaperPenNPaper Posts: 97
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    Amazing art, log in screen! It looks real nice.
  • InLorInLor Posts: 412
    It's campy, like WordArt 97. Terrible. Don't bring back the dinosaurs. Do bring back the proper login screen.
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