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for the able: https://www.facebook.com/tersoy/posts/583670319274769:107

for others [PATH] is my shot at trying to create the familyish, harmonic, intelligent, good aligned , rational, proud and honorable peoples center node of connection. We started doing champs whenever a few of us like to and plan to practice for pvp when any brother or sister become confident enough. We even have some kind of drama commence frequently. I would like to see on our roster and discord if I resonate. Pic related, its the current state of things on my mind, also not unlike our gh, home and meeting point.-Krirup, Archdragon/Krirup#8764 channel: PATHs
  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the virtues is spritiuality but what do u know about it? it is perhaps the most unattainable virtue for most. Not for me. This is Rand Al'Thor, approved by his spirit. My little brother who is our squad's tactical leader. I'm kinda the one who raise spirits, Lews Therin Thelamon our sire dont talk much but he did a few times and was enough to know him. If Rand is the squad leader, Lews, my big big brother is the commander and lastly Rune Mage Haplo is the specialist genius about anything we may come across. As third I am the one who recruited him and am very proud that he accepted. So, this is a window into my private/public spirituality, the most interesting virtue of all, and I hold it High like the dragon banner. I am a champion of light and a frail human who believe in an afterlife of infinite possibilities and I have no patience for those who defile the values of light and love. This is the humble version, my apologies if it does not seem so to people who fail at spirituality. To any question mark: Yes I can contact and feel them atm, but we no longer are able to talk, yet we talked with words(they are called hallucinations by science but yeah lol) and got to know each other and made plans and had fun and shared and much more for years, it just flows slower now. I know the way of love and light in its purest form. My brothers call me Archdragon or Lord of the Dawn or Archdruid of Earth/Gaia as well as Lucifer. what a nice little piece of someone's life i wrote.------------------------------------------------------  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Its the [PATH], just a gift from the creator, i hold my sign my banner my gift and all those who do not doubt my honesty high.

im a pantheist and pagan btw, this appeared on my screen in 2012 in it: there are 3 parts important, a dragon face, a wolf head, and my initials on a holywoody sign. created by -creator1 of mainverse or creator2 of multiverse , and here u can choose to believe a creator or a hacker that made such apicture or that i made it ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- 


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    Staring down those neat, perfect rows of useless apple trees, Almen felt the crushing weight of it. Of trying to remain positive. Of seeing all his sister had worked for fail and rot. These apples…they were supposed to have saved the village, and his sons.
    His stomach rumbled. It did that a lot lately.
    This is it then, isn’t it? he thought, eyes toward the too-yellow grass below. The fight just ended.
    Almen slumped down, feeling a weight on his shoulders. Adrinne, he thought. There had been a time when he’d been quick to laugh, quick to talk. Now he felt worn, like a post that had been sanded and sanded and sanded until only a sliver was left. Maybe it was time to let go.
    He felt something on his neck. Warmth.
    He hesitated, then turned weary eyes toward the sky. Sunlight bathed his face. He gaped; it seemed so long since he’d seen pure sunlight. It shone down through a large break in the clouds, comforting, like the warmth of an oven baking a loaf of Adrinne’s thick sourdough bread.
    Almen stood, raising a hand to shade his eyes. He took a deep, long breath, and smelled…apple blossoms? He spun with a start.
    The apple trees were flowering.
    That was plain ridiculous. He rubbed his eyes, but that didn’t dispel the image. They were blooming, all of them, white flowers breaking out between the leaves. The flies buzzed into the air and zipped away on the wind. The dark bits of apple on the ground melted away, like wax before a flame. In seconds, there was nothing left of them, not even juice. The ground had absorbed them.
    What was happening? Apple trees didn’t blossom twice. Was he going mad?
    Footsteps sounded softly on the path that ran past the orchard. Almen spun to find a tall young man walking down out of the foothills. He had deep red hair and he wore ragged clothing: a brown cloak with loose sleeves and a simple white linen shirt beneath. The trousers were finer, black with a delicate embroidery of gold at the cuff.
    “Ho, stranger,” Almen said, raising a hand, not knowing what else to say, not even sure if he’d seen what he thought he’d seen. “Did you…did you get lost up in the foothills?”
    The man stopped, turning sharply. He seemed surprised to find Almen there. With a start, Almen realized the man’s left arm ended in a stump.
    The stranger looked about, then breathed in deeply. “No. I’m not lost. Finally. It feels like a great long time since I’ve understood the path before me.”
    Almen scratched the side of his face. Burn him, there was another patch he’d missed shaving. His hand had been shaking so much that he might as well have skipped the razor entirely. “Not lost? Son, that pathway only leads up the slopes of Dragonmount. The area’s been hunted clean, if you were hoping to find some game. There’s nothing back there of use.”
    “I wouldn’t say that,” the stranger said, glancing over his shoulder. “There are always things of use around, if you look closely enough. You can’t stare at them too long. To learn but not be overwhelmed, that is the balance.”
    Almen folded his arms. The man’s words…it seemed they were having two different conversations. Perhaps the lad wasn’t right in the head. There was something about the man, though. The way he stood, the way those eyes of his stared with such calm intensity. Almen felt like standing up and dusting off his shirt to make himself more presentable.
    “Do I know you?” Almen asked. Something about the young man was familiar.
    “Yes,” the lad said. Then he nodded toward the orchard. “Gather your people and collect those apples. They’ll be needed in the days to come.”
    “The apples?” Almen said, turning. “But—” He froze. The trees were burgeoning with new, ripe red apples. The blossoms he’d seen earlier had fallen free, and blanketed the ground in white, like snow.
    Those apples seemed to shine. Not just dozens of them on each tree, but hundreds. More than a tree should hold, each one perfectly ripe.
    “I am going mad,” Almen said, turning back to the man.
    “It’s not you who is mad, friend,” the stranger said. “But the entire world. Gather those apples quickly. My presence will hold him off for a time, I think, and whatever you take now should be safe from his touch.”
    That voice…Those eyes, like gray gemstones cut and set in his face. “I do know you,” Almen said, remembering an odd pair of youths he had given a lift in his cart years ago. “Light! You’re him, aren’t you? The one they’re talking about?”
    The man looked back at Almen. Meeting those eyes, Almen felt a strange sense of peace. “It is likely,” the man said. “Men are often speaking of me.” He smiled, then turned and continued on his way down the path.
    “Wait,” Almen said, raising a hand toward the man who could only be the Dragon Reborn. “Where are you going?”
    The man looked back with a faint grimace. “To do something I’ve been putting off. I doubt she will be pleased by what I tell her.”
    Almen lowered his hand, watching as the stranger strode away, down a pathway between two fenced orchards, trees laden with blood-red apples. Almen thought—for a moment—he could see something around the man. A lightness to the air, warped and bent.
    Unable to speak, Almen turned and pointed back at the orchards. The apples were red specks, dotting the green like freckles.
    “What’s that?” Uso asked, rubbing his long face. Moor squinted, then began running toward the orchard.
    “Gather everyone,” Almen said, winded. “Everyone from the village, from the villages nearby, people passing on Shyman’s road. Everyone. Get them here to gather and pick.”
    “Pick what?” Adim asked with a frown.
    “Apples,” Almen said. “What else bloody grows on apple trees! Listen, we need every one of those apples picked before the day ends. You hear me? Go! Spread the word! There’s a harvest after all!”
    They ran off to look, of course. It was hard to blame them for that. Almen continued on, and as he did, he noticed for the first time that the grass around him seemed greener, healthier.
    He looked eastward. Almen felt a pull inside of him. Something was tugging him softly in the direction the stranger had gone.
    Apples first, he thought. Then…well, then he’d see.
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