EC Keep Crashing

Why does the EC keep crashing when I want to swap char and there is a cool down timer after combat?

@Mesanna can you explain this?  VERY annoying and needs fixing please


  • Uh, that's not happening for me, so it's not the client. Has to be something on your end. You using any mods?
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 963
    Not sure it crashes you just can’t swap for a certain amount of tlme even if you log out and log back in.  It’s a pain but think it has always been that way to discourage swapping players in and out when you are in a fight.
  • SethSeth Posts: 2,771
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    Its weird, I have been switching characters alot recently but did not crash.
    This includes same and diff. account.

    It would certainly help if it's just one time login for the account or master account.
    Allow us to swap without entering password again is the best.
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  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    There has always been a combat cool down timer in UO.  How many times have you gone to your house and get hit by anything and can't log on another char because the auto defend kicked in and flagged you as being in combat?
  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,741
    this is the easiest fix ever add the line was this player in heat of battle if no log in as normal...
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  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,540
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    It is an intermittent issue on my Win 10 laptop.  It has never happened on my Win7 desktop. No heat of battle required.  It has happened when switching between my blacksmith and my imbuer characters.  Both of whom never left the house. 
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,168
    I have not had this problem, and yesterday I was changing characters in rapid succession, seeking an item I knew was in a bank box, but not which character had it.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    What exactly do you mean by "CRASHES"  Waiting for the cool down timer is NOT crashing.  Heat of Battle prevents your char from completely logging out basically the same way when you do not log out in a safe spot.  This is not a "CRASH" but is by design and to my knowledge has always been a part of the game and yes the CC does the exact same thing.
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,540
    After the character is logged in the client becomes non-responsive to mouse and keyboard. After a some time Windows say the app is non-responsive and asks if you want to wait or close it. If you choose close Windows asks if you want to send diagnostic information back to Microsoft. If you choose to wait it stays in this condition until you give up waiting.

    If I have waited 5 minutes between character changes and it still happens. So not a cool down issue.

  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    Last resort wipe EC and do a complete reload because it sounds like something is corrupt.
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