My necro spell SRTANGLE not affected by LMC

Tried to train necro today. And instead of using wither and lich form decided to try strangle. 
My LMC is 43% 
In the necro book strangle mana cost stated as 9(17) . And when I am below 17 mana spell is not casted with message ÿou need 17 mana" 
Mana used is also 17.  Is it a bug or a feature?


  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    edited April 2021
    "i take it you're using the enhanced client, this is a bug, the classic client shows the correct base mana cost of 29, a lot of the default User interface was copied from Pinco 's UI and it was copied without checking, and contained many errors, more than 1 of these mana cost figures is incorrect, i will add this to the list"
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  • GwenGwen Posts: 210
    Thanks.  Yes, i am using EC. 
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