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Welcome to Lex Luxury Pets! LLP INC.
I trade with highend pets and fully scrolled pets exclusively. Let me help you avoid costly mistakes in
pet training!
LLP has been in business since introduction of the new pet customization system / patch 97 and helped deliver hundreds of pets to satisfied customers, I also help a lot of players with ideas and tips for their own taming and training.

Not just a business - it's a passion!
I've been a tamer since early 2000. It helps to have been a theorycrafter in multiple games in order to min-max pets advantages. I used to be part of the team of theorycrafters who brought multiple alliance tournament wins in EVE Online, developed background tools for stat/dmg and build tracking for multiple games, world and server firsts on 16man nightmare-mode raids in SWTOR etc. In UO I used my experience to help devise the spreadsheets that circulated long before there was the very awesome UO-cah I use myself these days 
So rest asured, that every pet will be carefully thought over and current game meta is investigated (I bring out the pets I build to do content all the time!).

Giving back to the community
Rather than just destroying pets I dont use myself. (color preference, rarity etc)
I give away multiple types of pets and colored pets at Atlantic Luna Stables on regular basis or sell them "at cost" at magincia vendors. I can also help you tame your first pet if you want to give it a try yourself! 

Preserve a bit of UO history!
The profits from taming go to support the Guardsmen Militia Archives, one of the longest surviving independent repositories/libraries about the Europa RP community, and to fund the pre-patch pet retirement home!
Many pre-patch pets deserves to be preserved to show what great pets there have been through out the times. Meta come and go, pet prices will rise and fall - help protect the legacy of taming community.

Buying / Aquiring:
- Rare pets , oldschool / legacy or prepatch as well as rare colored and highend pets.

Currently for sale:
- Shelf pets for use in training services : pre-trained firebeetles, giant beetles, colored highend cu's, bane dragons, wildfire ostards once they drop from events etc)

Training services:
I'll help skill and train your pet for you. Price upon request.

Since I won't be able to edit this post, please contact me on Discord preferably.
Discord: Ander#3900
ICQ: 6130569


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    Guardsmen Militia archives can be reached at an external site, I won't link it here incase external links breaks any rules - but you can google "guardsmen militia archives".

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