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Looks like the 'prized' item quality isn't on Siege?  And maybe not cursed either (can't recall offhand if I've actually seen a new 'cursed' loot item since I returned.



  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,968Moderator
    prized quality affects the cost of insuring the item. There is no insurance to affect.
  • that being said there are a couple of prized items on Siege from the Khal Ancur spawn inside Khaldun and I believe Doom also sometimes drops prized artifacts in your backpack instead of a gauntlet drop (much to the dismay of the player who just wasted hours on a mediocre item). However, as Mariah stated above, since Siege does not have insurance the prized quality is meaningless on Siege.
    There used to be cursed loot from Shame before the global loot change. Some of it is still in circulation.
    Then there are those cursed doom artifacts that dropped from berserker demons years ago. Every now and then the EM will leave a gate to "old Moonglow" which has those demons but the drop chance of those cursed doom arties is very very low.
  • Mariah said:
    prized quality affects the cost of insuring the item. There is no insurance to affect.
    True, but according to Prized quality also disallows bless, so you wouldn't be able to Siege Bless a Prized item, which seems like plenty of detriment still.   I would have preferred if like they left Prized in as it seems they removed Prized and then upped 50 Stones, 125 STR and Antique to compensate.  I rarely seem to find anything which is brittle, maybe my RNG is just working against me, but even VS seems to be mostly antique items.
  • No brittle items? I'd estimate around 99% of looted items that are artifact level are brittle on Siege. Same goes for antique jewellery. It's very rare to get a good item (combination of mods) that is not brittle or antique.
    And you're correct, prized items can't be Siege blessed but it really is a non-issue because there barely are any on Siege because noone does the Khal Ancur spawn and Doom has such a low drop rate for them that it's negligible.
  • Max, what I'm saying is I haven't seen any prized items in T-map Loot or Mob Loot which does not match my experience on Prod shards.  You would think i would have found a least one piece of jewelry with Prized...  And since Brittle doesn't apply to jewelry, you're left with Antique or a clean bracelet, which at high levels is exceedingly rare.  I find decent brittle stuff, but I also find a disproportionate amount of 125 Str, 50 stone compared when I play on a Prod shard.  Just more curious if Prized was removed from Siege or if I've gotten horrible luck with the RNG, anecdotally, it seems that Prized was removed.
  • Prized items don't spawn on Siege with the exception of the two examples I mentioned above (Khaldun+Doom).
  • Cool, just unfortunate that means that jewelry is either clean [not realistic for high-end loot] or antique [kind of a bummer], and anecdotally is causing some loot to be not even be usuable [125 STR items as mentioned before].  Would have liked like -100 Luck or some other replacement.  Or just leave it in, makes plenty of sense if it's non-blessable.
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